World Cup 2019: Know the complete program of the 12th World Cup, when and where will the competition be

World Cup 2019
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New Delhi is prepared for the 12th ODI world cup. This time the World Cup is going to be played after 1992 on the grounds of round-robin format, where every team is going to have an equal opportunity to make it to the

semifinals. There’ll soon undoubtedly be a total of 48 games nowadays Cup, which can be 4 5 league matches, two semi-finals, and one final game. The four teams will be on the grounds of this score often in the semi-finals, after 4-5 league games. Let us take a look at this entire World Cup program-

World Cup 2019 Schedule Time table :

England v South AfricaMay 30, London, 3:00 pm
Pakistan vs West IndiesMay 31, Nottingham, 3:00 pm
New Zealand v Sri Lanka June 1, Cardiff, 3:00 pm
Afghanistan vs Australia01 June, Bristol, from 6:00 pm
Bangladesh vs South Africa02 June, London, 3:00 pm
England v Pakistan03 June, Nottingham, 3:00 pm
Afghanistan vs Sri LankaJune 04, Cardiff, 3:00 pm
India vs South Africa,June 05, Southampton, 3:00 pm
Bangladesh vs New ZealandJune 05, London, from 6:00 pm
Australia v West IndiesJune 06, Nottingham, 3:00 pm
Pakistan vs Sri LankaJune 07, Bristol, from 3:00 pm
England vs. BangladeshJune 08, Cardiff, 3:00 pm
Afghanistan v New Zealand08 June, Tanton, 6:00 pm
India vs. AustraliaJune 09, London, 3:00 pm
South Africa v West IndiesJune 10, Southampton, 3:00 pm
Bangladesh vs Sri LankaJune 11, Bristol, from 03:00 AM
Australia v PakistanJune 12, Tanton, 3:00 pm
India vs New ZealandJune 13, Nottingham, 3:00 pm
England v West IndiesJune 14, Southampton, 3:00 pm
Australia v Sri LankaJune 15, London, 3:00 pm
Afghanistan vs South AfricaJune 15, Cardiff, 6:00 pm
India vs PakistanJune 16, Manchester, 3:00 pm
Bangladesh vs. West IndiesJune 17, Tanton, 3:00 pm
Afghanistan vs EnglandJune 18, Manchester, 3:00 pm
New Zealand v South AfricaJune 19, Birmingham, 3:00 pm
Australia vs. BangladeshJune 20, Nottingham, from 3:00 pm
England v Sri LankaJune 21, Leeds, 3:00 pm
India vs. AfghanistanJune 22, Southampton, 3:00 pm
New Zealand v West IndiesJune 22, Manchester, 6:00 pm
Pakistan vs South AfricaJune 23, London, 3:00 pm
Afghanistan vs. Bangladesh June 24, Southampton, 3:00 pm
England vs AustraliaJune 25, London, 3:00 pm
New Zealand v PakistanJune 26, Birmingham, 3:00 pm
India vs. West IndiesJune 27, Manchester, 3:00 pm
South Africa v Sri LankaJune 28, Chester Lee Street, 3:00 pm
Afghanistan vs PakistanJune 29, Leeds, 3:00 pm

Australia v New Zealand,
June 29, London, from 6:00 pm
India vs EnglandJune 30, Birmingham, 3:00 pm
Sri Lanka vs. West Indies01 July, Chester Lee Street, 3:00 pm
India vs. Bangladesh02 July, Birmingham, 3:00 pm
England v New Zealand03 July, Chester Lee Street, 3:00 pm
Afghanistan v West Indies04 July, Leeds, 3:00 pm
Bangladesh vs Pakistan05 July, London, from 6:00 pm
India vs Sri Lanka06 July, Leeds, 3:00 pm
Australia vs South Africa06 July, Manchester, 6:00 pm
First semifinals09 July, Manchester, 3:00 pm
Second semi-finalJuly 11, Birmingham, 3:00 pm
FinalJuly 14, London, 3:00 pm