OMG Daddy Video Song|Ala Vaikuntha Puramulo |Allu Arjun

Elegant star Allu Arjun – Trivikram Srinivas Combination A hat trick film ‘Ala Vaikunthapuramulo’. The film’s release is scheduled for Sankranti and the promotional campaign began several days ago. Already the release of the movie ‘Samajavaragamana’ .. ‘The songs of’ Ramulo Ramula ‘have become super hits. The last song in the movie is ‘OMG Daddy Video Song’.

Thaman is the film’s musical director. OMG Daddy Video Song was created in rap style. Singer seems to be speaking in this rap style instead of the usual songs. The intermediate rhythm varies. Another interesting aspect of this song is the two vocalists who sing rap in English separately. Rohl Rida in Telugu .. Rahul Nambiar sings lyrics in English.

Along with these two, Lady Cash sings female rap. The lyrics of this song were provided by Krishna Chaitanya. It must be said that the lyrics of the song is really a challenging effort. This is because rap lyrics must be provided verbally. You must also provide regular lyrics that fit the melody. Krishna Chaitanya balanced these two very well. “I can’t tell you my story. I don’t care.” An unemployed boy used to make fun of money. When the rap part was completed, the hook line of the song with English words, “Oh my God, dad, don’t be my bad guy.”

Allu Arjun dresses in this song. The characteristic steps are super. During the ‘Spy Daddy’ it was a spy style step. In the video Bunny with Bunny children .. Bunny – Arvind Garu .. Pooja Hegde with his father .. Trivikram – Trivikram’s father .. video showing all the daddies. The song is a different melody. It is immediately connected to Youth. Catchy words Soon there are many opportunities to become a youth favorite. Why is it late … My God, look at dad and remind your dad!