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Low Calorie Diet for Weight Loss May Not Necessarily Prolong Life

Low Calorie Diet for Weight Loss May Not

As many deal with weight loss problems, a common training of weight loss experts has been the need to eat under

Calorie diets to eliminate excess fat Low-calorie diets to lose weight along with exercises have helped

many overweight people lose a few extra pounds and gain a leaner physique. New research now indicates that

While low calories are good for your health and weight, they don’t necessarily prolong your life. They just do

You are healthier but you are not necessarily responsible for longevity.

The research was carried out on Rhesus monkeys, primates known to have a relatively long lifespan of up to 40 years.

and the study was conducted over a period of 23 years by the Maryland National Institute of Aging Some of the Rhesus

the monkeys were fed a diet that contained 30% less calories, while another category of monkeys was fed a

“normal” diet

The results of the study indicated that the monkeys that were fed a low-calorie diet lived a much healthier life with

fewer incidences of obesity, cardiovascular disease, cancer and 10M “. cholesterol levels than those that were fed with

normal nutritious diet But this did not necessarily lead to Rhesus monkeys having low-calorie diets and leading longer lives

than those normal diets

The study published in the journal Nature did not explain this phenomenon, but simply “illustrated” it.

raised serious questions about our diet lifestyle You can draw conclusions that living a healthy lifestyle by eating

Foods with calories IN ‘improve your Ongevity and reduce the risk of contracting some of the most intractable

health conditions such as heart disease, diabetes or cancer, but it does not necessarily prolong your life. People who are

With low-calorie diets you should do so simply with the goal of staying healthy and keeping medical bills low, but

not with the goal of living longer than those who are eating normal nutritious diets.

However, another study by the Wisconsin National Primate Research Center seems to offer a contradiction.

See but both experiments have not been carried out in similar circumstances with similar controls. In addition, the 23

the period of time during which the previous study on several primates was conducted gives him some credibility and

Convincing evidence about the effect of low-calorie diets on longevity

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