Kumkum Bhagya Preview 29 May 2019: Will Prashiji get mixed up with Abhi?

Kumkum Bhagya Preview 29 May 2019

At upcoming episodes of the show’s promos, Pragya’s intellect claims that it is going to simply take her to meet with her dad. Whereas intelligence, looking at Prachi, note that the dad Is Extremely unhappy with the lack of the same person, he understands that this really is the time when it should be taken to combine Prachi together along with his father, but the intellect persists on his words Can you

She claims that where she is, where she is, she will see her and she claims that she will shoot the Prachi together. Does this mean that Pragnya will tell her about twins?

At the meantime, will the Abhi feel that Prachi is his daughter? Will she find a way to add these stars since she feels Prachi has her daughter and is rumored that Prachi’s mum had saved Abhi around the building site? What’s going to happen to Riya??