India vs West Indies 1st ODI Highlights: Shai Hope, Shimron Hetmyer Lead West Indies To Comfortable Win Over India

India vs West Indies 1st ODI Highlights: Shai Hope, Shimron Hetmyer Lead West Indies To Comfortable Win Over India

IND vs WI ODI Highlights: Shai Hope remained unbeaten on 102 runs in the 1st ODI. © AFP

Centuries from Shimron Hetmyer and Shai Hope helped the West Indies chase India’s target of 288 runs quite easily in the first ODI in Chennai on Sunday. With this win, the visitors took 1-0 lead in the three-match series. Hetmyer and Hope stitched a 218-run partnership for the second wicket which put the West Indies in a commanding position after a poor start. Nicholas Pooran finished off the things in style with back-to-back boundaries, with more than two overs left. Earlier, Hope and Hetmyer showed great maturity and batted cautiously. Hope rotated strike, while Hetmyer batted more aggressively to rebuild the visitors’ innings. Rishabh Pant and Shreyas Iyer scored half-centuries while Kedar Jadhav also scored crucial runs towards the end to help India set a challenging total. (SCORECARD)

Highlights Between India vs West Indies 1st ODI, straight from MA Chidambaram Stadium, Chennai

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  • Four!

    Shivam Dube bowls a slower delivery outside off and Pooran lofts it over mid-wicket for a cracking boundary. With this the West Indies beat India by eight wickets in the first ODI to take 1-0 lead in the three-match series.

  • Four!

    Shivam Dube bowls a nothing delivery and Nicholas Pooran smashes it towards the deep square leg fence to start the over with a boundary.

  • Four!

    After reaching the three-figure mark on the previous ball, Shai Hope pulls the next delivery neatly towards mid-wicket to collect four runs. 

  • SIX!

    Deepak Chahar bowls a knuckle ball and Shai Hope backs away and lofts it over bowler’s head for his first maximum. 

  • Chahar into bowl his last over!

    Deepak Chahar comes into bowl the final over of his spell. The West Indies need 23 off 24 balls. 

  • Four!

    Shivam Dube bowls into the stumps and Nicholas Pooran charges down the track and smashes it towards the extracover region to collect a cracking boundary.

  • Four!

    Mohammed Shami fails to ball as per his fielding plan and drops a short ball on the leg stump line, which is a unpardonable mistake with fine-leg inside the circle. Shai Hope swivels and works it over short fine leg fielder’s head for a boundary. 

  • 40 needed off 36 balls!

    Indian bowlers have pulled things back a bit and kept the hosts in the game. The West Indies now need 40 runs in last six overs.

  • Dube gives four runs!

    Shivam Dube bowls a tidy over, conceding just four runs. The West Indies players have decided to take the game deep.

  • India lose their review!

    Kuldeep Yadav is confident that he has got his man and he signals the DRS even before Kohli could make his mind. Kohli also concurs his bowler’s decision and decides to go for a review. The replay shows there was no connection between the bat and the ball but the ball-tracker shows the ball would have gone on to miss the stumps. 

  • Welcome boundary for West Indies!

    Mohammed Shami goes short and Shai Hope pulls it comfortably towards the vacant midwicket region to collect a boundary.

  • India pilling pressure!

    Indian bowlers have tidied things a bit after the dismissal of Shimron Hetmyer but the asking rate is not too demanding. 

  • Tidy over from Kuldeep!

    Kuldeep Yadav finishes a brilliant 40th over in which he conceded just two runs — one off the bat and one extra.

  • Shimron Hetmyer departs for 139!

    Mohammed Shami drops short, Shimron Hetmyer drills it from outside off and pulls towards the leg side. The ball goes high in the air and Shreyas Iyer, at deep mid-wicket, makes no mistake and takes a simple catch to end Hetmyer’s innings. 

  • Four!

    Mohammed Shami bowls straight and Shimron Hetmyer drives it through long-off for a cracking boundary. The fielder at long-off had no chance of stopping that.

  • Four!

    Shivam Dube bowls a low full-toss and Hetmyer plays it towards extra-cover for another boundary. 

  • SIX!

    Shivam Dube bowls an off-cutter, Shimron Hetmyer reads the length early and smacks it over long-on for a massive six. 

  • 200 partnership!

    Shimron Hetmyer plays the full ball from Shivam Dube towards long-off to complete one run. With this single, Shai Hope and Shimron Hetmyer have brought up 200-run partnership.

  • Another misfield costs extra runs!

    Deepak Chahar bowl short and wide and Shai Hope cuts it towards backward point where KL Rahul lets it through his legs, allowing the batsman to take one extra run. 

  • SIX!

    If last shot was good, it is even better. Shimron Hetmyer picked his length early and launched a massive hit which went on the roof. 

  • SIX!

    Another short delivery from Ravindra Jadeja and Shimron Hetmyer smashes it off the backfoot for a massive hit over long-on fence. 

  • Four!

    Deepak Chahar bowls wide and Shai Hope guides it between the short third-man and backward point for a crafty boundary. 

  • Iyer drops a sitter!

    Shimron Hetmyer goes for a big shot and the slowness in the ball takes it straight to the Shreyas  Iyer at long-on, who made a complete mess of an easy chance. 

  • Four!

    Deepak Chahar bowls in to Shimron Hetmyer and the ball takes the outside edge and sails away from the keeper to the third man fence. 

  • Close chance!

    Ravindra Jadeja goes full and Shai Hope punched it off the backfoot and it almost carried to the bowler.

  • West Indies cruising in run chase!

    Kuldeep Yadav gave away four runs in his 33rd over and the West Indies now need 110 runs from 17 overs. 

  • Hundred for Hetmyer!

    Shimron Hetmyer takes a single and with that brings up his fifth ODI hundred. His second against India. What a crucial knock this has been!

  • Hetmyer nears century!

    Ravindra Jadeja overstepped and the TV umpire has signalled a no ball. However, Hetmyer couldn’t make the most of it as he hit it straight to the cover fielder posted on the edge of thirty-yard circle.

  • Three leg byes!

    Kuldeep bowls on the pads and Shai Hope fails to get his bat on it and the ball races towards the fine leg fence where Dube stops it from rolling over the rope. The West Indies got three extra runs. 

  • Fifty for Shai Hope!

    Shai Hope brings up his 15th ODI fifty with a single on the last ball of the 30th over. 

  • Brilliant stop!

    Manish Pandey saves a definite boundary to keep the West Indies pair to only two runs with a brilliant acrobatic effort near the fence. 

  • Hetmyer in lot of pain!

    Shimron Hetmyer is lying flat on the ground and seems like he is in a lot of pain. The West Indies physio is out to treat him. 

  • Stumping appeal! Not Out!

    Shai Hope misses the ball and Pant quickly removes the bails. The replay shows the foot was grounded and Hope survives.

  • SIX!

    Mohammed Shami goes slightly short and Shimron Hetmyer pulls it off the backfoot over the deep mid-wicket for a massive six.

  • Four!

    Mohammed Shami starts his over with a brilliant ball, which comes back sharply in to Shai Hope. The inside edge helped the ball race away to the fence.

  • West Indies batting with great maturity!

    Both these West Indies players have done well to collect at least one boundary in the over and that has helped them to collect more than six runs every over — which is what;s required at the moment.

  • Shivam Dube, not learning from his mistake, bowls outside off and Shimron Hetmyer cuts it ferociously to deep backward point to start the over with a boundary.

  • Four!

    Ravindra Jadeja bowls short and wide outside off and Shimron Hetmyer cuts it delicately past backward point to collect four runs.

  • Jadeja continues!

    Virat Kohli continues with Ravindra Jadeja from the other end, despite him conceding two towering sixes in his last over.

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